91 Word Memoir Contest 2014

Back in January, I came across the 91-Word Memoir contest, which was hosted by the Gotham Writers Workshop.  In honour of a Gotham student who passed away a few days before her 91st birthday, the Gotham Writers Workshop challenged writers to tell a personal story in 91 words or less.  The winner and finalists were announced a few days ago (congrats all).  I didn’t make the list of finalists, but I thought I would share my entry here (I called it “One Word”):

“Shauna has diabetes.”

I sat with my mother, the two of us bawling while the doctor told us what happens next. I didn’t know why we were crying; the word the doctor said meant nothing to my seven-year-old mind. But mom was crying, and so I cried, too.

The doctor told us to go home and get some of my things.  Then my life changed forever.  I had to fear low blood sugars and complications.  Plus the nurse made me eat my crusts.  All thanks to that one word.

I tried to make it exactly 91-words, but unfortunately it ended up only 89.


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