Welcome to Imezza

Back on February 11th, I said I was hoping to have a workable setting by the end of the month.  And I’m happy to report that I have largely succeeded!  While my setting is by no means finished (I’m still missing a map), I think it’s to a point that I can start writing some stories in it (which will in turn help me flesh it out some more).  So for all intents and purposes, I have built one of the 2+ worlds I wanted to build this year!

Getting the setting to this point was largely helped when I was able to make an unexpected connection to one of my earlier writing projects.  Several years ago, I started writing Detective Spacelord, a story that was written as a series of blog posts.  Detective Spacelord tells the story of Lubic, a police detective who is given great powers with which to watch over the human race.  While I had a lot of fun writing it, I unfortunately never did finish it (or go back to it).

During the last few weeks, as I was trying to flesh out some stuff in my new setting, I suddenly realized that one of the planets I had created in Detective Spacelord, Imezza, had a creature that would be perfect for the new setting.  So I went back and read all of my notes and old blog posts.  Doing so made me realize that rather than building a completely new setting, I could take the work I had already done for this new setting and use it to re-imagine the old one.   The benefits were two-fold: first, I now had a new name and a few creatures for my planet.  And second, I hadn’t originally done a whole lot of world building for Imezza (mainly because I was churning things out rather quickly and didn’t have time to plan everything out in much detail).

The newly re-imagined Imezza doesn’t completely work with what I wrote in Detective Spacelord, mainly because the Imezzans and Camathu (Chameleon Sharks) are no longer the top predators in the world.  But that’s okay with me.  If I ever revisit Detective Spacelord, I’ll probably do a rewrite anyway; at that time I will make sure the newly re-imagined world will fit in with the story.


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