The Worldbuilding Continues

I’ve been working, on and off, for the last few weeks on my new fantasy world.  I’m getting to a point where I can probably start writing stories about the new world soon.  It’s by no means finished (at most I would say I have one third really “built”), but that third has definitely come alive in my mind.

I did run into another snag a few weeks back though.  I envisioned certain creatures in a way that didn’t make scientific sense.  I realize that this is a fantasy setting, but if things don’t make some sort of sense, it will knock readers out of the narrative.  So I talked the problem out with a couple of friends, and I think I’ve now got something that will work; the idea will still remain true to my original idea, so I’m quite happy with it.  As a side effect, working this problem out has suggested some story ideas all on its own, which is rather exciting.

But as I said, the world is maybe one third built; it still has a number of issues that make writing in it somewhat difficult right now.  I still haven’t decided on what kind of ocean tides I want the planet to have.  That in itself isn’t a deal breaker (same with the question about how many moons I want the planet to have).  But a bigger snag is that I don’t have a map of the world yet.  Nor do I have place names (or a world name for that matter).  And even worse: only about half of the world’s denizens are really fleshed out.

But what I do have is a relatively firm handle of the other half of the creatures that populate my world.  So wish me luck as I turn my attention to the other parts of the world.  Hopefully I’ll have a workable setting by the end of the month!


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