The Map That Started it All

While I’m on the subject of maps, I thought I would share the map that started me on this RPG.


And yes, this is the witch’s house.

Like the map I shared in my last post, this is a work in progress.  I’ve actually been changing it a bit today and it’s already quite different.  The stuff on the right (including the house) is mostly the same, but the area in the bottom left has been filled in.  The left side in general has seen the most changes, including an area that this screenshot didn’t capture.

My current plan for the game is to develop the world, then work on the events and plot of the story.  I have an idea for how I want the game to look, and the locations will really matter for the story so I’m going to be spending a lot of time on that over the next while.



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2 responses to “The Map That Started it All

  1. wlouison

    This is SO cool. I would love to make a video-game, but I am not tech savvy at all. Please keep us updated on everything you do. Way too cool!! Good luck! =D


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