A Change of Plans

Last time, I wrote about my plan to write every day using writing prompts.  As you may have guessed from my title, my plans changed on that front.  The good news is that I wrote almost every day from December 5th until today, the 20th.  There were maybe 2 or 3 days where I didn’t write, and most of those happened this last week (yesterday and the day before).  But prior to that, I was finishing a rather large writing commitment and didn’t have time for writing prompts.

Now that my writing time is freed up somewhat, I’m back to deciding what to do next.  I read in an article from Script Magazine that you should write a single line a day to keep yourself in the writing habit (it’s number 7 in the list), and I’m liking that idea a bit more than the writing prompts right now; it’s an easy way to keep writing even when I feel like I don’t have the energy for it (like during those few days off I took this last week).  And who knows?  Maybe once I write the one line I’ll want to keep going.  So for now I’m going to give that a try, then reevaluate in a week or so.  I’ve also just dug up an older writing project that I wanted to start about a year ago, so I might be working on that over Christmas, too.


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  1. Good luck with that approach. Let us know how it goes, ok? I’m always trying something new to keep me motivated to string words together. Sometimes it is a real challenge, that’s for sure!


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