NaNoWriMo 2012 Week 2: 25,000 Words!

Yes, I’m super excited: this year’s novel is half finished.

This week has seen a lot of action within my novel.  The plans were all made last week, so now is the time for the characters to act.  My main characters have made it to Thunder Bay but it’s been a struggle for them to get there.  There was a stand-off and a car chase, all before anyone actually saw any zombies.  But they survived, albeit a little wounded, with their water supply now in jeopardy.

It was when they drove through Kakabeka that they saw their first zombie.  My characters saw a couple of zombies at a distance, watching from fields or shambling through parking lots.  But now they’re in Thunder Bay, and they’ve had a couple of zombie encounters up close and personal.

When I initially started writing this, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my zombies to be like.  But now that I’m here, half way through, and the zombies have appeared, I’ve decided to stick with zombies who are slow but strong.  A human can outrun one on its own, but that same human is dead if they get surrounded.  I think this is going to come up much more in the remaining 25,000 words.  My characters didn’t have a lot of ammunition to begin and have even less now; they’ll have no choice but to rely on outsmarting and outrunning the zombies.

Overall, this past week has been a lot of fun to write, throwing problem after problem at my characters to see what they do to survive.  And now I’m really excited to see what comes next (and how this story is going to end).

If you want to watch my progress (or be writing buddies) you can find me here on the NaNoWriMo site. I’ll also be updating Twitter with my writing progress so you can watch my Twitter feed for news about my novel.  Good luck to everyone else who is participating this year.


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