Over the last little while, I’ve decided to revamp my website.  I am planning on going to a couple of game conferences this fall and want everything in top shape before I go.  I started by reactivating the blog Shauna’s World!.  I moved all of the photography blog posts from my website to there and will be posting photography-related things there.  I then moved most of the remaining posts to this blog.  An Acquaintance with Letters was originally started for a school project.  Once than project ended, I had no idea what to do with this blog.  But I liked the url, which prompted me to move everything over here.  So this is now going to be my writing blog.

You may be wondering why I decided to remove my blog from my personal website.  When I originally started that blog, I thought it would be a good way to keep all of my information centralized.  And while that’s true, I felt that the blog had no real purpose; most of my posts were photography-related (thanking people for buying prints from Red Bubble more often than not).  So I decided to split the photography and writing to see what happens. 

I also decided that my web page would be better served without a blog.  Rather than trying to keep that blog updated with relevant posts, I am going to keep it as a purely informational page.  I think it will be much stronger as a result.

So you’ll continue to see updates there if you visit.  And I hope you enjoy the new content here as well.



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