RPG Maker VX Ace

As I announced on Twitter a few days ago, I recently purchased RPG Maker VX Ace. I downloaded the free trial of it and had so much fun playing around and making maps that I decided I would like to try making a RPG. I have a couple of ideas I’m currently working with, although the one I was really excited to make has been temporarily shelved; that game was getting too big in my head and would need things like art. So instead I am going with another idea, one that I am hoping to make with just the art available in RPG Maker.

So far I’ve been just planning the game out on paper, developing the world, plot and characters. Nothing is completely set yet, as I am effectively still brainstorming everything. I’m also going back and playing some older RPG’s like Secret of Mana, not so much for inspiration but for a look at the game mechanics. I’ve never built a game before, and although I have a little bit of experience as a game master for pen and paper rpg’s, I’m not at all confident about game balance (and even just figuring out what mechanics/skills/etc should be present and how they’ll work). But I’ll deal with that once I get working on the actual game.

I will be providing updates for my game on this blog, so stay tuned!


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