Script Frenzy!

This April is the 6th Script Frenzy hosted by the Office of Letters and Light (OLL). Similar to OLL’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Script Frenzy challenges you to write a 100 Page script during the month of April. This isn’t limited to simply movie scripts either; you can write a play, a TV show, a graphic novel, or whatever as long as it’s a script.

I wasn’t originally planning on joining Script Frenzy this year. But then I started chatting with a friend about it. I was intrigued by the idea of writing a graphic novel script. I’ve recently taken a few books out from the library on the subject, so this wasn’t completely out of the blue. But the idea that I could write one during Script Frenzy prompted me to sign up. Well, that and the feeling that I need to start working on my own writing projects again.

Having attempted a screenplay in the past, I know that the writing itself isn’t too tough; there’s a lot of white space on a script page. I don’t know what a graphic novel script page should look like, but hopefully it is more similar to a screenplay than a novel. If that’s the case, writing those 100 pages (averaging to 3.3 pages a day) shouldn’t be a problem as long as I stay motivated. But even if it is similar to a novel I’m not overly worried; the 1,666 words you need to average for NaNoWriMo works out to about 3 pages a day. And I managed to hit the 50,000 word target for NaNoWriMo about a week early.

I don’t know for certain what I’ll be writing about yet. I don’t even know that I’ll stick to a graphic novel. But that’s okay; I still have almost a month to make those decisions! I’ll be updating this blog on my Script Frenzy progress. If you want to follow my progress come April (or be writing buddies), you can find me here on the Script Frenzy site. You can also watch my Twitter Feed for news and updates.

Good luck to everyone else who’s participating in Script Frenzy next month!


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