Response to my Type 1 Diabetes Article

Someone posted a response to my latest Library Detective article (“Library Books for Diabetes Awareness Month”) in the Chronicle Journal! They make a really good point – all of the Canadian Diabetes Association cookbooks have been updated and include the nutritional information for all of their recipes.

I recieved an email from the Canadian Diabetes Association in regards to this – I know Richard – prior to seeing the response in the Chronicle Journal. As I told him in my response, after he mentioned it I actually do remember seeing the nutritional information in their other books that were at Chapters. I’m just a rather picky eater, and wasn’t really interested in the other books, being quite happy with the Kids cookbook (which has easy recipes that anyone can enjoy). So that’s why I chose to highlight that book rather than their other cookbooks. But if you’re looking for other cookbooks with the nutritional information in them, be sure to check out the others by the Canadian Diabetes Association. The Thunder Bay Public Library is also going to get any of the ones we are missing.

You can find the response here.


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