Week 2 is Over!

Here we are, half way through the month. As of yesterday I needed to have 25,000 words. I wildly exceeded that benchmark, ending the day with 33,012!

As you can tell from the word count, I’m still having a great time writing this novel (which is still untitled). I abandoned a few characters randomly last week, but they have since reappeared. The characters’ stories have also started to interact. I still have different viewpoints, so I can switch to another character if I need to. But many of the characters are hanging out together right now, making it easier to focus on one set of events.

As I’m getting near the end, I’m starting to try to wrap things up. A few people have asked me on Twitter if I think the novel will be finished around the 50,000 word mark. I’m honestly not sure, but that’s what I’m going for. On the plus side, at the rate I’m writing (according to my stats, at this rate I’ll be finished on November 24th!) I’ll have extra time in case the novel needs a couple thousand extra words to properly wrap up.

Good luck to everyone else participating this year!


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