Baudrillard and The Matrix

When I first heard that we got to write about the connection between The Matrix and Jean Baudrillard’s theory I was really excited.  I knew that the connection between the two was there, and I thought it would be both fun and interesting to write about them.  Unfortunately, this really wasn’t the case for me.  It felt like a lot of what I wanted to write was too obvious, so I ran out of things to say.  I kept looking back at the assignment but that didn’t help either: it also made everything seem too obvious to write about. 

So I kept looking back at the readings and my notes.  I watched a couple of scenes a few more times.  I stared at my computer screen and surfed the internet.  I wrote, rearranged, changed my mind and put things back, then rearranged some more.  In the end I was left with something that seems to work.  Yes, lots of it still seems obvious (I mean, the Matrix is obviously a simulacrum with no basis in reality), but I have a pretty good blend of Baudrillard and examples from the film to make a coherent essay.  I might not be saying anything ground breaking, but at least I’m happy with what I am saying.


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  1. sarah

    I felt the same way about the connections being really easy. I just hope that means we are understanding:)


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