Freud Returns

I really thought I was done.  No more Freud, at least for this class.  And then I started reading Klages’ chapter on Feminist theory and I realized how wrong I was.  Klages looks at two prominent poststructuralist feminist theorists, Helene Cixous and Luce Irigaray.  And both of them are deconstructing psychoanalysis, both Freud and Lacan.  The section on Cixous wasn’t too bad, looking mostly at Lacan.  But the section on Irigaray has been non-stop Freud.  And while I realize that there are many problems with Freud’s psychoanalysis, especially in regards to women, Irigaray seemed to go out of her way to be ridiculously radical.


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  1. sarah swayze

    I thought the same thing when I was reading the chapter. the readings feel like a flash back…but the lectures not so much


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