Title Story

While I was at work a few nights ago, I found myself with a few free minutes.  Instead of wasting them aimlessly surfing the web, I decided to try to come up with a title for my English 2903 blog. I started with a quick Google search of the term literature. The first hit was from wikipedia, bringing me to this site.According to wikipedia, literature literally means an “acquaintance with letters.” I thought this was extremely interesting, and that it also had some possibilities.  I thought calling the blog something like “A Novel Acquaintance” might work, but decided to keep looking in case something better came up.  I continued my search for a little while longer, finding another neat definition from a dictionary.  With the two possibilities in mind, I decided to take a few days to think it over, and to get some more opinions on my choices.  I emailed my brother the two possible titles, along with where they came from; he was the one who suggested An Acquaintance with Letters.

While I really liked my dictionary possible blog title (I’m not going to share it in case I use it in the future), the more I thought about it the more I liked An Acquaintance with Letters.  The title is just so fitting in many different ways.  If wikipedia is correct, then it means literature.  English 2903 is my first in depth acquaintance with literary theory.  And with just this first post, there are already many letters here!


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